The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 2

Are you ready for day 2?

I've got to say, I thought yesterday was pretty successful. I ended up writing 600 words - woot! woot! 
I decided to go with a fictional approach to the prompt. I'm notoriously bad at misplacing my phone and not texting people back, so I wanted to incorporate that into the story. I'm a little nervous to share my work with you guys. I've already had flashbacks to my workshop classes and the mean critiques people gave me. 

So let's keep it positive!

I'm only going to share half of what I wrote. I don't want this post to be super long.  

Yesterday's Writing:

As I rolled over in bed, eyes still closed, I started searching for my phone. I wasn’t ready to open my eyes to the world, or rather my cramped bedroom that hadn’t been redecorated since I was five. My hand patted the space underneath my pillow before moving over to my nightstand. With each pat, the panic started to rise. Where was my phone?
I opened my eyes, taking a moment to adjust to the sunlight peeking through the window. Even without the clock on my phone, I knew it was later than I expected. It’s past time to get up my mother would’ve told me if she hadn’t got switched over to third-shift at the hospital.
I checked under each pillow again for my phone. Then launched the pillows one at a time across the room trying to cover up the sunlight even if it was just for a moment.  
Where the hell is my phone!? I just needed to check something.
As I yanked the sheets off my bed to see if it had made its way to the foot of the bed, it all came back to me. Getting the text from Meghan about the party and how Derek was going to be there, me purposely hiding my phone so I could tell her that I didn’t see the text in time. Now I'm here freaking out because I want to go online and see if Derek really did go.
The phone was hidden in the back of my sock drawer so that the socks would muffle the ringer. I have done this enough times to know that turning your phone off doesn’t work. It just pisses the person off, because they expect a near death reason for why you couldn’t charge your phone. My tactic worked perfectly because all you had to do was tell the person that you forgot where you placed your phone, which I did, clearly.
5 missed calls.
47 unread messages.
All from Meghan.

Today's writing prompt: 

Describe the way the rain smells to you.  


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