The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 4

I was so excited about yesterday's prompt because having my own theme song is something that I have always wanted. I had so many thoughts and song choices flying around in my head, so I thought writing it all down would be easy. It wasn't. I had a really hard time coming up with something to write. I knew what I wanted to say, but I could never find the right words. Has that ever happened to you? 

Yesterday's writing: 

My steps keep in time with the music. Each step is heavy with the purpose of reaching my destination with no distractions. Step after step, the music comes to life as the guitar starts playing a bluesy tune. The rhythm makes me want to sway my hips, ignore where I'm going, and enjoy my surroundings. I can't help it; I give in to what the music wants. 

Cat Steven's raspy voice sings the first line "you are my sunshine," as I walk into the room. It's a stark contrast to my mother's sweet voice, which is where I first heard the words.

Growing up, this was the song I always heard if I was crying, whether it was from a scraped knee or not getting my way. It immediately lifted my spirits, and I felt better. 

Even today, I'll sing it to myself as a way of calming down if I'm worried about something. 

The song's lyrics are embedded into my mind, body, and soul. 

Today's writing prompt: 
If love could talk, what would it say? 


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