The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 10

Where's your favorite place to write? 

For me, it used to be the sixth floor of my university's library at the third windowsill from the left. It was the perfect location. I could look out the window and people-watch as they went to class, but I was up high enough that I couldn't be too distracted with minor details. Man, I miss that spot.

I'm still searching for a new place to write, but I haven't had too much luck. Writing in bed usually results in more distractions (i.e. sleeping), and writing at a desk is...well, writing at a desk. I need a little more excitement with my space. 

Yesterday, I actually wrote in my car! I got to my internship early, so I had about twenty minutes to come up with a plot and finished it during lunch. I'm not planning to turn my car into a writing space, but, hey, that might be the excitement I need to really drive home a story! ;)

Yesterday's writing: 
A BBQ to Die For:
At the end of every summer, Hank Gibson invites everyone in town over for a pig pickin'. Even though the townspeople find Hank to be arrogant, overbearing, and a drunkard, no one can resist Hank's BBQ. It's going to be the party of the year! A party that no one will forget, especially, when Hank's body is found faced down on his bedroom floor. Do you smell whiskey on his breath or is that the scent of murder? 


Hank Gibson - A middle-aged bachelor, who's easy on the eyes but is extremely arrogant. He can drink about everyone in town under the table except Cooper Turner, which is just one more thing Cooper has over Hank.    
Detective Trudy Taylor - Bright eyed and fresh out of training. Detective Trudy Taylor is ready to take on the case. 

Shelia - Hank's next door neighbor. She's had to put up with his crap for years. If his chickens come into her yard again and eat the peaches off her tree, she will kill him. 

Scott - Rumor has it that just days before the party, Scott showed up at Hank's house claiming he was his sun. He might not have the birth certificate to prove it, but with his good looks and high alcohol tolerance, he very well could be. 

Violet Turner - Although she's married to Cooper Turner, she still can't stop herself from showing up at Hank's house for a quickie. She tells herself it's not love, but the fact that she can't get him out of mind suggests otherwise. 

Cooper Turner - Violet's husband who doesn't know about the affair. 

Confessional Coleslaw
Plaintiff Potato Salad
Blameworthy Baked Beans
Guilty German Chocolate Cake
Who Done it Whiskey
Suspicious Soda

Today's writing prompt? 
What's is the most beautiful part of nature to you? 


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