The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 11

It's Friday, Yay!
I think I'm getting a cold, not so yay! 
But I won't let a little ol' cough and stuffy nose, keep me from writing. Although, there might be a slew of haikus coming your way for the next couple of days...just kidding...I hope. 

Yesterday's writing: 

There's always a sense of calmness in the air after a thunderstorm. Everything is still and quiet. The trees stand tall, relishing the clean slate. A new beginning. As the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, it shines its light down on the water droplets making it look as if the trees are shimmering. The ground is saturated from the rain, so you don't hear the startling sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. The sound of an intruder. Instead, your footsteps are silent as if you are being invited into the forest. It's as if you are now part of the earth and the earth is now part of you. 

Today's writing prompt: 

How do you feel about the color red? 


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