The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 13

We've made it to day 13! We are almost half-way done!!

Yesterday's writing: 
            To be honest, Gene seems like the perfect guy for me.  Right now, I’m sitting directly behind him in a beanbag chair across the room.  I decided to wear my stupid contacts today because I wanted to look cool.  But they keep moving so everything is blurry.
I close one eye,  I can barely make out the title of one of the books beside him, The Zagat Guide to New York City.
What if he’s planning a trip to the Big Apple?  He’s going to need someone to go with so he wouldn’t get lonely.  I hear it’s lonely up there even with all those people.  I need to make a note to check out more books on New York after my shift.
I keep getting distracted today. Gil isn’t here, so I have no one to keep me company while I work.  I find myself staring at the back of Gene’s head wishing he would turn around and notice me. I watch as he shifts in his chair, rolls back his shoulder, and pops his neck. I wonder if he works out, or if he’s just naturally built.
He stands up from the computer chair, and then he looks right at me.  His brown eyes land right on mine from across the room. My whole body melts into a puddle, well except my eyes, my eyes stay glued to his. Then the greatest thing in the world happens; he smiles at me. Gene smiles at me! I feel a shiver go through my spine. My body gets all tingly and a thousand little goosebumps pop up all over my arms.
 What if he walks over and talks to me?  What if he walks over here, and pulls up a beanbag chair?
            “New York,” I would say casually as I flipped back my hair.
            “Yes, New York,” he’d reply. “I’m leaving in two weeks.”
            “After watching Sleepless in Seattle, I’ve always wanted to go to the Big Apple to see the Empire State Building.”  
            “I know,” he’d say. Then he would reach out and take one of my hands, “Zoey, would you be my Meg Ryan?”
            I’d place my free hand on my chest, surprised by his question. “Are you asking me to go to New York with you?”
            Then he would take my other hand, and Frank Sinatra would suddenly start playing in the background. He would twirl me around and waltz me across the floor. He’d dip me in front of all the people, including Wanda. Then, pull me back up.  Our lips would almost be touching.  He would smile at me again sending more shivers down my spine.  He’d lean forward and kiss me.

            When I snap back into reality, I look over to where Gene is sitting, but he is gone. Maybe he didn’t see how much I really liked him.  Next time, I’ll just have to stare harder.

Today's writing prompt: 
You have been invited to a bake sale for charity. What would you bake (cake, cookies, etc.) and what would make it special? 


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