The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 18

Hey, everyone!

Happy Friday!

Just think this time next week I'll be curled up on my couch with a food hangover watching the new episodes of Gilmore Girls! I CANNOT WAIT!

It's hard to believe how quickly this fall season has flown by. I mean Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is next week!

Although, I feel like a lot of people are already moving on to Christmas. My bank is already playing Christmas music, people already have their tree up, and I'm starting to see Christmas-themed videos popping up in my Youtube subscriptions.

I'm not ready for winter not when there's still Thanksgiving.

So when I flipped to this prompt yesterday, I thought, great now this challenge is trying to ruin my fall-loving parade by talking about winter. I was dreading doing this assignment, but the more I thought about it throughout the day the more excited I got.

I'm still going to enjoy the last month of fall, but winter doesn't sound too shabby now. ;)

Yesterday's writing:

Winter sounds like 
the creaking of the wood stove's door being opened
the crackling of the fire as another log is added to the flame
the silence of the woods after it's blanketed in snow
the steady pit pit patter of the melting ice that clings to the branches.
the crushing sound of ice being scraped off a car's windshield in the morning
the voice of Julie Andrew singing, the hills are alive with the sound of music
the slightly off-key version of all the Christmas carols
the whistle of the kettle
the cadence of the beaters as they cream together the butter and the sugars
the laughter of loved ones

Today's writing prompt:

Write a journal entry from a scarecrow on the night of a full moon.*

*Hahaha, this prompt sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun + it's fall themed!! 


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