The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 20

It's hard to believe that today is the 20th, which means there are 10 days left in the challenge. And I'm just now getting into the swing of things! After the challenge is over, I'm curious to see if I'll continue writing daily. How about you? Do you think you'll continue writing?

Yesterday's prompt was hard. There are so many cities in this world that I want to visit/live in. It's hard to think of one where I would never want to live. I decided to approach the prompt by making a list. A list of all the things I would look for if I was moving to someplace new. Then I did some research - and let me say, googling the "worst" in ____ is a lot harder than googling the "best". After a lot of research, I managed to narrow it down to the one city that didn't meet my needs.

Yesterday's writing: 

01| Somewhere that's close to my family - I'm a big family person, so I wouldn't want to venture too far from them. I don't need to live in the same city or state as them but close enough where coming home for the holidays isn't out of the question. I don't want a price for a plane ticket to be astronomical or the ride to be longer than 10 hours.

02| A thriving film industry - The film industry is where I want to have a career, so I want to live in a place where I can make that happen!

03| Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - I love the changing of seasons. I can only take the heat and cold for so long. This means no permanent summers or winters.

04| A big city with a small-town feel - I don't need to live in a place where everyone knows everyone's business (Trust me, I'm living in a place like that now), but I would like to have friendly neighbors and see the same people every day at a coffee shop. You know; a small-town feel.

05| Driving - I'm not a fan or driving or dealing with traffic, so I need a place where walking or public transportation is an option.

For research, I looked up the cities and countries with the highest depression rate, crime, population, coldest temperatures, hottest temperatures, unfriendliness, worst places for filmmakers, traffic, and furthest away from North Carolina. The city that kept popping up during my research was Moscow, Russia.

So I guess me and Moscow just aren't meant to be.

Today's writing prompt: 

You are a children's book writer. Write the first few lines of your new book. 


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