The JUST WRITE SOMETHING Challenge | Day 30

We made it guys. It's the last day of the challenge!

It seems like these past 30 days have flown by. There were some days where I dreaded writing because I felt like I still needed to recover from the previous day's writing.  But every time that I happened, I reminded myself of the reason I created this challenge. Everything you write doesn't have to be polished or perfect. As long as you're writing something and enjoying the process along the way that's all that matters. I've definitely learned a lot about myself and my writing process during this past 30 days. I'll have a post up soon talking about all the ups and downs about the challenge as well as what I've learned during the process.

Yesterday's writing: 

As I was headed to the front door, I stubbed my toe on the corner of the wall. I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelling in pain. I couldn't wake my parents up because then they would ask me what am I doing up at midnight dressed in my lacy black dress that I usually only wear to funerals with a box of cereal tucked under my arm. If I told them I was sneaking out to meet Justin, I knew my dad would head straight for the gun cabinet.

I placed both hands on the wall and gave myself enough distance from any potential toe-stubbing objects. I followed the wall carefully to the front door.

This was going to be my first real date with Justin, apart from hanging out after school, so I wanted it to be perfect. There's a field close by my house that would be the perfect spot for looking at the stars. He was going to bring hot cocoa and have his older brother drop him off near the field. I was going to bring my mother's picnic blanket for us to lay on while we looked at the stars. I had even researched a few of the constellations so that I could impress him. Just as long as I knew where true north was I'd be okay.  I also promised to bring fancy date-night food, like cookies, grapes, and cheese. Then I was going to sneak out of the house and meet him there.

It turned out sneaking out of a house is a lot harder than it looks. For instance, you can't turn any lights on, so you can't see what you're doing.

I couldn't find my mother's picnic basket in the hall closet, so I had to go with the closest thing to a blanket that I could find: my old Barbie beach towel.  Plus, my mother hadn't gone to the grocery store this week, so my fancy date-night food turned into Saltines, Raisin Bran, and oranges. All things that you do not look cute while eating!

I twisted the door open slowly and slipped outside into the cool night air. Knowing that the only thing that separated me from Justin was a small section of trees made me feel happy. My plan was totally going to work.

I just wished that had I brought a flashlight. That would have made everything so much easier. Crap.


Today's writing prompt: 

Do you think there is a secret to success? How would you describe success? 


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